Our Products

Thank you for choosing local and farm fresh!

Maple Syrup

Our farm fresh Maple Syrup is made every year in February and March. It is perfect for cooking, baking, and of course to put on your favorite breakfast!
Pint: $12
Quart: $18
Half Gallon: $32

Follow the link below to place an order for pick-up (via e-mail). We will reply back to you with a confirmation as well as your pick-up date, time, and other information. Get some for your home or as a gift for family and friends!


Our farm-fresh eggs are laid year-round from our growing stock of laying hens. Some of our chicken breeds on the farm are Rhode Island Reds, Bard Rocks, Golden Comets, among others. Our eggs are perfect for breakfast, as well as for cooking or baking your favorite meals. You will taste the difference between store-purchased eggs.  These eggs are as fresh as they come!

We sell our eggs for $4.00/dozen.

Seasoned Firewood

We have seasoned firewood sold by the cord or half cords. Please contact late summer/early fall to confirm order.
You can pick it up at the farm, or we will deliver it locally for no additional charge (an additional delivery fee may apply if outside of our normal delivery areas). 

Price (local delivery included):
1/2 Cord: $130
Full Cord: $250
Stacking fee (optional): $50

Composted Manure

 We currently have manure that has been composted for the last 3-4 years and is ready for your garden! You can purchase composted manure by bag, or by pick-up truckload. If you would like to purchase a larger quantity of composted manure and need it delivered, please let us know via email.

Composted Manure by the bag: $5/bag (50lbs. livestock grain bags used)

Composted Manure by the pick-up truck load
Load Your Own: $50/pick-up truck load
We Load It For You: $60/pick-up truck load 
Black Soil

Mulch Hay

We have mulch hay for sale each year, while supplies last. It is great for your garden as well as your yearly lawn care needs!

If you would like to purchase a larger quantity of mulch hay and need it delivered, please let us know in your e-mail and we can discuss our delivery options and pricing.

Mulch hay is sold for $5/bale.

Contact us through email to make purchases. 

Eggs and syrup are located at the farm year-round in the Sap House. 

Seasonal Items will be added in the Spring.