Wettemann Farm

Family Owned & Operated since 1907

Wettemann Farm
Family Owned & Operated since 1907

Wettemann Farm is located at 870 West Street in Guilford, CT. The farm has been family owned and operated for more than 110 years. We sell farm fresh maple syrup, eggs, vegetables (in-season), mulch hay, composted manure, and firewood.


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About Our Family

Paul Jr. & Mary Ellen Wettemann 

Paul has lived on the farm his entire life. Alongside, his dad, Paul Sr., and other family, he worked the land as a dairy farmer from childhood. While working as a carpenter, he introduced beef cattle and raised vegetables. He built many of the newer buildings on the farm. After marrying Mary Ellen, he built the Almost Home Barn and works on the farm full-time.  Paul is up early and works no matter the weather! That's a farmer for you! He is on the Guilford Agriculture Commission along with his son, John. Mary Ellen grew up spending as much time as she could on her dairy farm in New York where her dad grew up. She loved all the animals and the land. Horses were always her favorite, although her cats and dogs may beg to differ! Mary Ellen is involved with the Connecticut Farm Bureau. Her and Paul are entering their 27th year of marriage and are happily living on the farm and have raised two great sons, Paul III and John. 


Paul III and John Wettemann 

Paul III works for UCONN Men's Basketball as the Assistant Director of Basketball Operations. 

John run's his own landscaping business, Wettemann Property Maintenance, and lives on the farm. He manages the daily operations alongside his dad.